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About Us

About Us

GreenBloom Energy is primarily a Solar Power Plant developer promoted by solar experts who believe that solar power holds the key to a sustainable energy generation landscape, offering a resolute answer to the challenge of greenhouse gas emissions, while simultaneously safeguarding our planet.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading renewable energy company in the country contributing towards a carbon neutral world.

Our Focus

Diversified Excellence

We have cultivated a reputation for excellence across diverse sectors, driven by a commitment to professionalism and meticulous management.

Evolution in Energy

As we set our sights on renewable energy, we’re positioning ourselves as pioneers in solar innovation, actively contributing to the transformation of India’s energy sector.

Mega-Scale Impact

Our solar farms, development on a megawatt scale, reflect our dedication to making substantial contributions to the nation’s energy grid and sustainability goals.


With a team of solar experts leading the charge, our projects are backed by cutting-edge expertise that ensures optimal efficiency and performance.